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Pride of Bully show bulldogs is situated in Thetford, Norfolk.
My mother Maureen Hill and I have owned and bred bulldogs since the mid 90’s when brought our first bulldogs home from the world famous Ocobo Kennels.
I took the male, Max, home with me whilst my brother owned the female. A family obsession was born with my siblings still owning bulldogs to this day. Max was a much loved family pet who opened my eyes to the wonder that is this beautiful breed and I have since made it my life’s work to show, breed and judge to the highest standard in line with the Bulldog Breed Standard set by the Kennel Club.
The bulldog has had a lot of bad press in recent years; it is our involvement with the Kennel Club as members as well as exhibiting and judging in the show ring that keeps us striving forward for the betterment of the breed.
All our bulldogs are healthy, happy and live in our home with us. They have a purpose built dog room along with outdoor kennels for day time exercise and fresh air.
Prideofbully Winstone
It is with the great support of my mother that I am able to enjoy showing success all over Europe with my currently campaigned show dog Multi CH Pride of Bully Winstone and also accept judging appointments when requested. You can follow our show career on the newsfeed which is regularly updated here or our facebook page where Prideofbully Winstone hosts a blog of his antics in and out of the show ring!
Should you require any further information regarding our dogs or if you’d just like to chat to a fellow bulldog lover please contact us on the details below!

     Steve Bragger 
Pride Of Bully Bulldogs